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The Start of P3

Theresa LangloisComment

     We are at the cusp of a new adventure.  In the eyes of the great state of Louisiana we are an official business.  We have an official group of buyers and we are starting to meet with our vendors and suppliers for the boutique.  In November we start to purchase Jewelry, and we leave for the Atlanta market in February.  February will be a lot of summer shopping, and we would love to know what your guys want to see.  Would you like really bright colors or more conservative colors like tan, light blue and grey?  Personally, I would like to see a lot of both.  One day I may want to wear a bright floral skirt, but on the next day khaki pants and a light pink top.

      My idea for this blog section is to keep our fans informed on the new products that we are bringing in but also, Baton Rouge has some of the greatest mom blogs in the South, and I want their opinions.  I would really like to focus this section with posts from popular bloggers in the area, about lots of subjects.  Like new restaurants, great cocktails, shoes, wine, events and product. 

Please feel free to leave us comments with items you guys want to see and tell us how we can be different from the vast amount of boutiques in the area.  
Our boutique is run by women for women.  

As a fun extra, we are stating to meet with local artist who handcraft all of their own jewelry.  I can honestly not want to see all of their pieces and be able to start offering such amazing pieces here.  

Until next time.

Theresa and the P3 Crew